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About Us

Mission Statement

Our Mission here at Royale AgLabor is to provide quality labor for your vineyard and crops while maintaining a level of quality and production that benefits everybody involved. 

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Our Story

     Royale AgLabor's story is one that starts with Arturo Viramontes—a father with a passion for the land and a deep respect for the hard work it requires. Arturo found his passion while studying agriculture engineering at UC Davis. After graduating, he moved to Oregon to work for his first vineyard. It was there that he met the love of his life, Fidelina. She had been working in the agriculture industry since she was a young teenager and shared Arturo's passion.


     After years of working in vineyards, Arturo and Fidelina planted one of their very own in 1998. Arturo dedicated his life to managing vineyards and instilled that same love in his children, Alexander and Jennifer.


     Growing up surrounded by vineyards, Alexander's earliest and fondest memories were of caring for the fields with his father. Watching his father sparked a deep passion, and Alexander's knowledge of vineyard management grew even further. As he grew older, he saw first-hand the challenges faced by vineyard owners today.

     While at Sonoma State University, his sister, Jennifer, was developing her passion for business and finance. She graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Accounting in 2011. With their unique skill sets and a shared love for their family's vineyard, Alexander and Jennifer knew they could create a better labor management service.


     In 2017, Alexander and Jennifer joined forces and founded Royale AgLabor, Inc. Together, they brought their family's wealth of experience to the table and set out to create the next generation of farm labor contracting. Today, they work hand in hand, providing positive labor solutions for vineyards and building on their father's legacy, Arturo Viramontes.


     Royale AgLabor has set a high standard for quality and professionalism in the industry. Their commitment to providing exceptional labor solutions for vineyards has earned them a reputation as a trusted partner in their community. With a passion for the land and a dedication to excellence, Royale AgLabor continues to build on its legacy and create a bright future for the agriculture industry.

Meet the Team

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